We build from customer provided plans or from our very own collections. Amber Di'Lane Homes has longstanding relationships with local architects in the event a truly custom plan is required.  Stop by one of our locations today to look at and discuss the right house plan for you and your needs! 


Floor Plans Under 1,000 Square Feet

The Hideaway

Hideaway Thumbnail

     The Hideaway      

     Total Living Area 761 sq. ft.


Floor Plans Up To 1,000 Square Feet

Weekender's Lake Escape

Weekenders Cabin Escape

     Weekender's Lake Escape      

     Total Living Area 1000 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 1120 sq. ft.


Floor Plans Under 2,000 Square Feet


Farmhouse Retreat

Farmhouse Retreat Thumbnail


     Total Living Area 1236 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 1921 sq. ft.


Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Thumbnail

  HIDDEN VALLEY Elevations     HIDDEN VALLEY Floor Plans 

     Total Living Area 1260 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 1794 sq. ft.




the trapper thumbnail

     TRAPPER Elevations     TRAPPER Floor Plans 

     Total Living Area 1247 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 1499 sq. ft.



mariner thumbnail

     Mariner Elevations     Mariner Floor Plan 

     Total Living Area 1391 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 1590 sq. ft.


Crimson Cabin

Crimson Cabin Thumbnail

Crimson Cabin Elevations    Crimson Cabin Floor Plan

     Total Living Area 1455 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2013 sq. ft.



bowie thumbnail

     Bowie Elevations     Bowie Floor plan

     Total Living Area 1461 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 1842 sq. ft.


ndg 761 thumbnail

     NDG-761 Brochure 

     Total Living Area 1600 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2195 sq. ft.


Hill Top

Hill Top Thumbnail

  HILL TOP Elevations    HILL TOP Floor Plans 

     Total Living Area 1613 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2234 sq. ft.


Bear Hut

Bear Hut Thumbnail

     BEAR HUT Elevations      BEAR HUT Floor Plans 

     Total Living Area 1624 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 1734 sq. ft.


Wolf Den

wolf den thumbnail

     Wolf Den Elevations     Wolf Den Floor Plans 

     Total Living Area 1630 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 1634 sq. ft.



ndg 1177 thumbnail

     NDG-1177 Brochure 

     Total Living Area 1646 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 3112 sq. ft.



townsquare thumbnail

     Townsquare elevations     Townsquare Floor Plans 

     Total Living Area 1664 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2020 sq. ft.



The Lodge Thumbnail

      Lodge Brochure     

     Total Living Area 1699 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2078 sq. ft.




crockett thumbnail 

     CROCKETT Elevations     CROCKETT Floor Plan

     Total Living Area 1714 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 1848 sq. ft.



loft thumbnail

     Loft Elevations     Loft Floor Plans

     Total Living Area 1750 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 1750+ sq. ft.



ndg 826 thumbnail

     NDG-826 Brochure 

     Total Living Area 1855 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2561 sq. ft.



ndg 545 thumbnail

     NDG-545 Brochure 

     Total Living Area 1869 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2888 sq. ft.



ndg 1090 thumbnail

     NDG-1090 Brochure 

     Total Living Area 1875 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2788 sq. ft.



   millstone thumbnail

     Millstone Elevations     Millstone First Floor Plan     Millstone Second Floor Plan 

     Total Living Area 1890 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2393 sq. ft.


Serenbe Farmhouse

serenbee farmhouse thumbnail

 Serenbe Farmhouse Brochure     Serenbe Farmhouse Elevation

     Total Living Area 1897 sq. ft.



ndg 1133 thumbnail

     NDG-1133 Brochure 

     Total Living Area 1943 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2713 sq. ft.


Richland Creek

richland creek thumbnail

     Richland Creek Elevations     RICHLAND CREEK First Floor Option     RICHLAND CREEK First Floor 

     RICHLAND CREEK Second Floor Option     RICHLAND CREEK Second Floor 

     Total Living Area 1987 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2376 sq. ft.



Floor Plans from 2,001-3,000 Square Feet

Bowie II

bowie thumbnail

    Bowie II Elevations     Bowie II Floor plan

     Total Living Area 2001 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 2418 sq. ft.

Bowie III

bowie thumbnail

    Bowie III Elevations     Bowie III Floor plan

    Total Living Area 2001 sq. ft.

    Total Under Roof 2971 sq. ft.




Amosson Thumbnail

     Amosson House Floor Plan    

     Total Living Area 2215 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 3165 sq. ft.



Wensel Haus

Wensel Haus Thumbnail

     Wensel Haus Floor Plan     Wensel Haus Modified

     Total Living Area 2223 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 3300 sq. ft.



the norseman thumbnail

     NORSEMAN Elevations     NORSEMAN Floor Plan 

     Total Living Area 2279 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 3278 sq. ft.



ndg 563 thumbnail  

     NDG-563 Brochure 

     Total Living Area 2405 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 3918 sq. ft.



timberhorn thumbnail

     Timberhorn Elevations     Timberhorn First Floor Plan     Timberhorn Second Floor Plan 

     Total Living Area 2413 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 3418 sq. ft.



ndg 502 thumbnail


     Total Living Area 2624 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 4122 sq. ft.



Floor Plans with 3,001+ Square Feet


ndg 552 thumbnail

     NDG-552 Brochure

     Total Living Area 3021 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 4201 sq. ft.


Blue Herron

blue herron thumbnail

     BLUE HERRON Elevations     BLUE HERRON First Floor Plan     BLUE HERRON Second Floor Plan

     Total Living Area 3039 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 4030 sq. ft.



harbor thumbnail

     HARBOR Elevations     HARBOR First Floor Plan     HARBOR Second Floor Plan 

     Total Living Area 3273 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 4474 sq. ft.



sandpiper thumbnail

     Sandpiper Elevations     Sandpiper First Floor Plan     Sandpiper Second Floor Plan

     Total Living Area 3409 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 4890 sq. ft.



Austonian Thumbnail

Austonian Elevations     Austonian Floor Plan

     Total Living Area 3418 sq. ft.

     Total Under Roof 4836 sq. ft.